1. My opinion on the article, “The Future Of Writing Is A Lot Like Hip-Hop” by Stephen Marche is that, it is a very good article that explains how ai can be very useful. Ai can be used in many ways and the author states that writing with ai is similar to hip hop. I agree with the author because using ai is like using a beat off of Youtube and getting someone to write lyrics for you. I like this article because it shows how people have a negative opinion on ai but in reality it is just a tool that can make people’s job easier.

  2. My thoughts on the article, “The Future Of Writing Is A Lot Like Hip-Hop” by Stephen Marche is that, AI has a lot of possibilities and can be used for many different things. Though AI has it’s limitations. Stephen has come across multiple problems while using AI such as asking the AI to copy the writing style of another author. This brings us to the argument on whether AI is ruining creativity, but according to Stephen Marche, he thinks that creativity in not just writing but also in movies has died as well. Personally, I think that AI has it’s advantages but it has it’s limitations, giving a simple prompt and the outcome of what AI generates is basically what it takes after what it has already seen and just applies it to it’s own answer.

  3. In his article “The future of writing is a lot like Hip-Hop”, Stephen Marche argues that, art generating AI is a useful tool, but it is limited to the abilities of the curator. I agree with his argument, he proves it by presenting evidence from his own experience.
    In my experiments with generative AI, I also realized that I still had to go through my traditional creative process. The creative part for me was figuring out how write these prompts to get the results I wanted.
    There is a sense that Stephen Marche is suggesting that the way the literature for these prompts are curated, will have to be just as creative and original as the way lyrics were written for the “break beats” in Hip-Hop.

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