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Blog Post#1: “The Future Of Writing Is A Lot Like Hip Hop”

My Opinion of the Stephen Marche’s article “The Future of Writing Is a Lot Like Hip Hop ” is that I agree with the first statement or paragraph about how AI is destroying art by creating these images for the people in matter of seconds and confirmed that it is a feature of plagiarism that they are using to create these pieces of “art”. The people creating these art pieces are just the ones who have the idea and a type of vision of how they want the image to come out like but on the other hand AI creates the image and may come up with a image different than the one you imagined. The author of this story also states that he was a writer and or publisher that he created stories using part artificial intelligence, but Weisberg proposed the novel to be mostly made out of AI and computer generated. Lastly, they are stating why creating a new reading text is useless because the readers can do that themselves. He explains how he would put the title or what he wanted AI to write about a specific text or reading and AI would provide the information in a short summary in addition you can customize the text on how you wanted it to be and he compares how he used ChatGPT and Cohere and how he has experimented with Cohere and rather used that than the other platforms because he can make a request and request it again until he chooses the one he prefers. Inconclusion, it shows the values of AI that are not the same as the artists painting the paintings it describes as the features of the painting’s such as the color, texture, form, shape, and size and understanding the image created and time consuming.

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