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I agree with the article “The Future of Writing Is a Lot Like Hip- Hop” By Stephen Marche. The future of writing is like hip hop because of how easily AI can adapt to reality as time progresses. AI is not entirely 100% original as it depends on reality to have something to work with. To add on, some hip-hop songs today sample songs from years ago. Although there may be conflict over originality, and questions surrounding fresh ideas from AI, Hip-hop can have that same conflict in its target audience. “He was inventing the break. Hip-hop burst out of that moment—a whole new genre, a new style, a new approach to life.” This quote establishes the impact that hip-hop made once it debuted. Furthermore, explaining the attention that Hip-Hop received for the creativity, and how it contrasted with other genres. This pattern is similar as to when AI was first introduced to the media. AI had a different approach to articulating writings, composing music, and more. AI and Hip-Hop both caused controversy to the public as people were confused on where their feelings for both systems stood. “AI is the bogeyman in the shadows: The obscurity, more than anything the monster has actually perpetrated, is the source of loathing and despair.”

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